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Test I am very proud of the performance of my Shetland Sheepdogs. They are a huge part of my life. Agility, obedience, tracking and herding keep the kids ( and their handlers) busy. Cisco's children and grandchildren have shown their great temperaments, performance ability and constant companionship to their owner. Visit their pages and see what each one is up to. I am an active member of Greater Louisville Training Club, Inc & Derby City Agility Association, Inc

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My Birman career started about 7 years ago with my first breeder Willie. Over the last 5 years, she has produced beautiful, well temperamented, and competitive kittens. She has multiple Champion kittens and grand-kittens. Willy is now retired now but her children and grand-children are carrying on her legacy. Willie just earned her Premiership Championship Title.

Kathie Attwood,  2508 Tregaron Avenue, Louisville, Ky 40299